10 Real Food Flavors That Will Make You Cringe

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People are very weird, and what food companies think is a good idea to put on store shelves is even weirder. One of the strangest foods I've found at the grocery store was chocolate-chip cookie flavored soda. Have you ever discovered a strange product or flavor?

Here are some of the most outrageous flavors we could find. Enjoy! Or..don't enjoy?

1. Broccoli Cilantro Tea

Numi Organics has a special vegetable-flavored tea that sounds just as cringe-worthy as it probably tastes. You can also get other teas, like Beet Cabbage or Spinach Chive.

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2. Girl Scout Cookie Flavored Coffee Creamer

Um, yes please! These Coffee-mate creamers taste just like your favorite Girl Scout cookie, including the Thin Mints and Caramel & Coconut flavors.

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3. Chocolate French Fries

Getting tired of ketchup on your fries? McDonald's in Japan decided to switch things up a bit by drizzling their classic fries in white and dark chocolate. Would you try it?


4. Lays Cucumber Potato Chips

We can deal with dill pickle, but cucumber? Lay's decided to try out the new flavor in China, Russia, and Poland. How well do you think this went over?

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5. Grass-Flavored Vodka

Nope, I'm not kidding. Oddka is a brand that likes to do crazy experiments with their booze. Would you care for a cup of freshly-cut grass?

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6. Pizza and Spaghetti Flavored Slushies

Someone needs to lose their job. A convenience store in Quebec decided it was a good idea to make a Pizzaghetti slushie. No. Just no.

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7. Wasabi Kit-Kat

What looks like a chocolate bar and will make you die a little on the inside? We'll all admit we liked the idea of chili chocolate. It had just a touch of spiciness that brought out the delicious chocolate flavor. But seriously...wasabi belongs with sushi.

8. Yogurt Pepsi

Cuz why not? Everyone wants a fizzy drink that tastes like dairy.

9. Mountain Dew Cheetos

Food that tastes like soda? Why not? Cheetos that don't taste like cheese? Fine. But this is going too far.

10. Tomato and Carrot Haagen-Dazs

Ice cream tastes great as chocolate, vanilla, or fruit-flavored. Vegetable ice cream is a big fat NO.

Let us know in the comments if you're brave enough to try any of these!