Would You Want To Carry Your Dog Around On Your Back?

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Would You Want To Carry Your Dog Around On Your Back?

How much do you love your dog? Probably a lot right? Well, one company has made it easier to take your dog with you on the go so you never have to be without them.

Whether you are going for a bike ride or on a long hike, now your small dog can come along. How? Well, this hands free little dog backpack will help them be right with you wherever you are!


Ruffit Dog Carriers were invented so you could take your smaller dogs anywhere you want no matter their physical ability or age. They claim that they are "the first and only forward facing dog carrier backpack" and they are pretty cute.

They look a lot like the little baby carriers but instead of holding your baby, it holds your fur baby! The inventor, Johnathan, got the idea after he was adventuring with his dog Mojo. They were far from home and little Mojo accidentally stepped on a broken bottle and was bleeding severely. He had to get Mojo to the vet but trying to carry him was an issue.

He realized that he wouldn't be the only one who wanted to have safe ways for dogs to travel, whether they are injured or old or in some cases just a little lazy. Not all dogs have the same stamina, but pretty much all dogs love spending time with their owners so Johnathan invented this little carrier to help them out!

Would you ever use this? I know my dog would love it even if I felt kind of goofy wearing it. The things we do your our pets!

If you want to get your own dog backpack, head over to their website or Facebook page for more details.