You Can Feel The Awkwardness After This WoF Contestant's Guess

If you're a fan of Wheel of Fortune you probably play along at home. That's okay because when you get something wrong no one is capturing your humiliating mistake on camera.

This contestant probably wishes she stayed home.

Wheel of Fortune is used to making news with hilariously inappropriate (not too mention inaccurate) guesses, but this one is just so wrong it stands out. It also gets funnier the more you think about it.

With a few blanks and a lot of letters displayed this pair of contestants probably thought they were going home winners. The clue was living thing and Larry and Melinda confidently declared their answer:

"Popsickle Bike."

The slightly perplexed "....no" from Pat Sajak is enough to make this 6 second clip worth watching, but it just gets funnier.

It's not just how wrong the couple was. The letters showing up don't even match Popsicle Bike, but it's also the clue: Living Thing.

I don't know what a Popsicle Bike is, but I'm really sure it's not alive.

Watch for yourself, is this the worst Wheel of Fortune fail ever?

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