You Can Have Sleep Overs With Sloths

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You Can Have Sleep Overs With Sloths

A Zoological Wildlife Conservation Center in Rainier, Oregon is making some dreams come true. They're giving people the chance to spend a night under the stars with some special company - sloths.

For a measly $600 guests can stay in a tent and interact with the world's most loved, laziest creatures. A cot and TV are included, as if you'd be able to take your eyes off the cute critters.

The event has been a hit so far with the Center...and with the sloths.

They are trying to patiently wait for tonight's sloth sleep over campers, AKA "human vending machines"

Posted by Zoological Wildlife Conservation Center on Saturday, November 26, 2016

If $600 seems a little steep for you don't worry, you can pay $100 for a "feed and pet" encounter without staying overnight.

Even with the popularity the Center is sure not to keep their celebrities too busy.

Sloth Hammock

"We do not double stack visitors to one group of sloths - they require 15-18 hours of beauty sleep per day."

They want everyone to enjoy sloths, but caution against getting your own, or interacting with them outside of a conservation zone. Sloths are surprisingly delicate and need a lot of downtime in order to stay healthy.

Sloth Sleepover
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Good thing there's programs like this to keep everyone happy!

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