You Can Now Drink Wine With Your Cat

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You Can Now Drink Wine With Your Cat

Cat lovers, rejoice!

Apollo Peak has released a new like of pet-friendly, alcohol-free wine for cats...and it's pretty amazing.

The wine contains 100% beet juice, natural organic herbs, and added vitamin C. And catnip, of course.

One bottle of the good stuff will cost you $11.95, which frankly isn't too bad!

If wine isn't your cat's thing, don't worry. You can also get a bottle of Meow-mosas. Or a Meow-tini.

"The best part of the idea is having wine with your pet "” that's what drives it," Brandon Zavala, the chief executive of Apollo Peak, says. "It's not how it tastes for the cat."

So for anyone who has ever wanted to sit and have a glass of win with your pet after a long day, look no further.

People who have given the wine to their cats have noted that their cats are actually more affectionate after drinking it. Just like real wine!

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