You Can Save This Starving Baby Elephant By Donating A Box Of Formula

As soon as babies are born, they need a lot of cuddles and their mother's milk to help them grow and get the right nutrition for their still-developing bodies.

Lek Chailert, the founder of Elephant Nature Park in Thailand, encountered a heartbreaking situation at a nearby elephant sanctuary in Myanmar. A 3-month-old elephant named Eyeyarmay was left all alone without his mother. No one knows what happened to her, but it's likely she either abandoned the calf or was killed by poachers.

Eyeyarmay was severely malnourished when Chailert first saw the baby elephant. She needed love and the right food.

Lek Chailert

"The baby requires direct care at this time and motherly accompaniment," Chailert wrote on Facebook. "Baby nutrition ... is very sensitive because their life at this stage is very fragile."

Lek Chailert

Unfortunately, the sanctuary in Myanmar isn't equipped to care for an elephant so young, and Eyeyarmay is slowly starving to death. They need elephant formula for the baby, but it's extremely rare to find in Myanmar. Plus, the shelter doesn't have the funds to get it shipped to them.

Lek Chailert

Chailert says: "The camps still use cow milk to feed [the elephants] but this can cause them dysentery which complicates their health status a lot." For a baby that's already sick, it's not a great alternative.

It seems like a hopeless situation for the little elephant, so Chailert is calling upon YOU to help Eyeyarmay get back on her feet. All it takes is a donation or a box of elephant formula or money sent to the sanctuary.

"One person, one box can help to save the baby elephant life," Chailert wrote.

Do you want to help? Donate to Save Elephant Foundation and share with your friends!