You Can't Help But Smile When You See This Dog's Face

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You Can't Help But Smile When You See This Dog's Face

There are some dogs out there that are just too good for this world, and Phil is the leader of their gang. He is the happiest dog you will ever see, and he is practically perfect in every way.

Phil is a Malamute who just always seems to be smiling. He has almost 200,000 Instagram followers and he deserves each and every one of them.

Phil is a perfect gigantic angel who is just full of smiles. You can't be sad when you see him, it just isn't possible. Look at this face!

Seriously though, look at it.

Do you feel that warm feeling growing in your heart?

Can you feel the smile crawling over your face?

Even when he wasn't to be spooky he still is just too cute for words.

He is ready for any holiday.

He always will be your hand to hold.

Or your shoulder to cry on.

He is just endlessly adorable.

And everything is okay as long as you are looking into his sweet face.

His patience and adorable presence is a gift to this world, and we are just not worthy.

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