You Get Free Beer If You Adopt A Dog In Hungary

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You Get Free Beer If You Adopt A Dog In Hungary

A brewery in Budapest is doing its part to help get shelter dogs adopted from a local sanctuary.

Tamas Szilagyi of Mad Scientist Brewery is a self-described animal enthusiast and wanted to raise awareness about abandoned animals.

"We wanted to draw people's attention, that sanctuary dogs are not worse (than other dogs), they are not waste you throw out," he said.

The brewery partnered with Noe Animal sanctuary, which provides homes for 1000 animals. Seven dogs are selected at a time, and anyone who adopts ones of the dogs will get a free crate of personalized beer which matches that dog's personality and appearance.

A kutya kampány következő jelöltje érkezik. 🐶🍺🐶🍺🐶🍺🐶🍺🐶🍺🐶🍺🐶🍺🐶🍺🐶🍺🐶🍺🐶🍺🐶🍺🐶🍺🐶🍺🐶🍺🐶🍺 Kis Jani (aki a barátainak csak Jani)...

Posted by Mad Scientist on Sunday, February 12, 2017

A spokesperson for Noe Animal Sanctuary says the campaign is a great idea and they're very pleased with the results so far.

If you want to donate to the Noe Animal Sanctuary, which has been helping animals since 1992, you can visit their website!

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