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You Have Never Seen A Cuter Newborn Photo Shoot Than This One, Guaranteed

Most people love their dogs, but to a select lucky few, the bond is unbelievable and starts immediately.

Photographer Lyndsey Wright knew her friend Leah was going through a rough time. Her beloved dog Tiger passed away and anyone who has lost a pet knows how hard that is. A few weeks later, Leah and her husband decided they were ready to bring some light back into their life, so they picked up a little bundle of joy named Lola.

Wright saw a picture of her friend's new English Bulldog puppy and she "immediately told her to get her a** over to my house so we could do some newborn photos," and the results were outstanding.

Wright is a professional photographer who specializes in newborn shoots so she knows how to take dreamy and soft pictures of babies swaddled up, but who knew it would translate to well with puppies!

She said "It was cracking me up because I found myself soothing her just like a human baby, rocking her, patting her gently, 'shushing' her quietly when she wiggled."

Lola was a true professional. She was loving the attention and she was so cozy that she kept falling asleep!

I really hope this becomes a new trend because these are the best kind of baby pictures to have all over your Facebook page!