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You Might Have A New Favorite Animal After You See What This Little Baby Does

There are a lot of baby animals that you think of as adorable. You've got your puppies, kittens, baby bears, ponies, and pretty much anything fluffy will have that cuteness factor. Well, there is a new competitor to the game and they have been ignored for too long: Armadillos.

Baby armadillos are amazing little balls of cuteness and they deserve a lot more recognition. These nuggets should definitely be one of your new favorite animals.

These little babies are called pups and usually a mother will have between one and 12 of them at once. They are fully weaned after about four months and are completely mature and ready to start their own family after nine to 12 months.

There are 21 species of armadillos. The smallest is called the Pink Fairy Armadillo which only grows to about six inches long.

The biggest is called the Giant Armadillo and can grow up to a whopping five feet in length!

These little pups curl up into a ball just like their parents, except when they do they are the size of a golf call and it is so precious.

But the most important thing you need to know about armadillos is that they are playful little creatures. If you don't believe me, watch this video. It will absolutely change the way you think about these little guys!