Mustachioed Horses Are The Best Thing You've Never Seen

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Mustachioed Horses Are The Best Thing You've Never Seen


You might think of horses as one of the most elegant and regal animal on the planet. Well, turns out they have been taking their classy looks up a notch by sporting the coolest mustaches you have ever seen.

It sounds like something that couldn't possibly be real, but even Snopes proved that it was true! These dapper gentlemen can actually grow a pretty impressive amount of hair right from their upper lips.

It looks like an image that is photoshopped, but it's a real thing! It's most common in the Gypsy Vanner breed of horses, who are already known for their luxurious manes.

It isn't only the Gypsy Vanner's who grow the mustaches, other horses are also capable. Lots of horses are capable of growing mustaches, and it's basically the best thing you'll ever see...

Take that Tom Selleck

Going for a more relaxed look

Or a spikey style

Classy and simple

Show off

Fuzzy and luscious

This one looks like a cartoon villain

How much do you love these mustachioed horses?