You Should Do This To Your Nuts Before You Eat Them

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You Should Do This To Your Nuts Before You Eat Them

If you're trying to stick with a better diet, you know that a great source of healthy protein comes from nuts.

But did you know that nuts are like grains? They contain phytic acid and neutralizing enzyme inhibitors that can make them difficult to digest.

One of the simplest ways to neutralize these enzymes is to peel nuts after soaking them in hot water. Adding a little salt while you soak them will help to further neutralize them.

After soaking, throw out the water residue. Do not use it for cooking, it might contain harmful substances.

Here is a list of some popular nuts and how long they must be soaked:

  • Walnuts: 8 hrs
  • Almonds: 12 hrs
  • Pecans: 8 hrs
  • Pumpkin seeds: 7 hrs
  • Macadamia: 4 hrs
  • Garbanzo beans: 12-48 hrs
  • Pine nuts: 8 hrs
  • Hazelnuts: 8 hrs
  • Cashewnuts: 6 hrs
  • Flax seeds: 6 hrs
  • Alfalfa seeds: 12 hrs
  • Broccoli seeds: 8 hrs.

Cure Joy advises us to re-wash the nuts and seeds after 8 hours. If you are soaking for longer than 8 hours, add fresh water for further soaking.

Pass on to other healthy eaters!