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You'll Change How You Use Your Phone When You See The Effects Of "Text Neck"

As we evolve, we'd like to believe that our bodies are becoming better at adapting to certain illnesses and genetic mutations that have plagued humans for years.

However, we probably never expected to cause ourselves more harm.

Doctors are becoming increasingly worried about "text neck", which happens when you look down at your phone for too long.

"Headaches, fatigue, you can just watch someone they are going to be doing this business, rubbing their neck. When you start seeing a kid doing that you just go that's not right. Something's wrong. Kids are supposed to be out playing and exercising. It only gets worse when you age so when you're a kid and you're rubbing your neck it's not good," said Dr. Patrick Kennedy, of Kennedy Chiropractic.

As we look down out our phones more and more, we are causing strain on our neck which can lead to permanent damage. If you think the damage is just limited to posture, you are extremely wrong.

Dr. Kennedy says this type of deformation of the spine is most commonly seen in patients aged 70 to 80, but he's now seeing it in teens and young adults. Over time, "text neck" can cause digestive, lung, liver, and reproductive problems.

A study conducted recently show 79% of adults between the ages of 18 and 44 only spend two hours a day without their cellphones on hand.

There are ways to prevent text-neck, and that mainly starts with limiting the amount of time you look down at your phone. If you do need to be on your phone, make sure it is at eye-level to avoid strain on your neck.

It is also recommended that you take breaks from looking at phones or other screens, and make sure your computer screen is at a height that will allow you to look straight forward.

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