You'll Never Guess How Old The World's Oldest Yoga Teacher Is

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You'll Never Guess How Old The World's Oldest Yoga Teacher Is

How flexible are you? Bet not as flexible as Tao Porchon-Lynch, the world's oldest yoga teacher! At 98 years old, Porchon-Lynch has been teaching yoga for over 75 years and wakes up at 5 am everyday to lead a class.

The inspiring senior fell in love with yoga at the age of 8 while living in India. At the time, yoga was predominantly practiced by men so it wasn't considered lady-like. But, that didn't stop Porchon-Lynch as she eventually managed to get into a boys-only class and has been practicing ever since.

One of her main mantras is "Anything is possible, nothing is impossible." She's definitely been proving this to be right.

Besides yoga, Porchon-Lynch is also a ballroom dancer and has prior modelling and acting credits. She has appeared in movies including Show Boat and The Last Time I Saw Paris featuring Elizabeth Taylor.

Porchon-Lynch currently lives in New York and travels the world to share her wisdom, mantras and lifestyle. Despite being fit and healthy, Porchon-Lynch has had her share of age-related problems including a hip replacement and a broken wrist. She's still stronger than ever and loves everything about life.

"When you wake up every morning say 'this is going to be the best day of my life' and it will be." she says in a video shared by Daily Mail.

She recently filmed the video for Athleta's 'Power of She' movement in which she shares secrets behind her strength and longevity. Watch the empowering clip and be inspired by Porchon-Lynn's amazing abilities.

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