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Cat Has A Strange Reaction When His Long-Lost Brother Returns Home

Most brothers have a love-hate relationship, but these two have a bond we're not quite sure about.

A couple owned two cats: A black one and a white one with black markings. They were brothers and practically inseparable, until one day the black cat disappeared. We can imagine how heartbroken the kitty's owners must've been, and how much his brother missed him. They probably thought he was gone for good.

Over a month passed, and the severely-underweight black cat showed up with a chunk of fur missing. The white kitty had no idea until his owners called to him and placed the "prodigal brother" in his path. He reacts by making a high-pitched moaning noise and following his brother around the house. What does it mean?

See the full video of their meeting here:

We'd love to hear your thoughts. Do you think the long-lost cat's brother is happy to see him or not?