Drew Barrymore's Meltdown Strategy Has Her Stopping To Take A Photo


Drew Barrymore's Meltdown Strategy Has Her Stopping To Take A Photo

I remember hearing my dad laugh when I would say to him, that a meltdown can happen at any moment. Deny them another cookie, say you can't run into the street, even looking at them the wrong way can send a toddler into a frenzy. As parents, we have an arsenal of tactics to avoid these moments and another collection of strategies to deal with it when they inevitably happen.

In a recent interview on the Late Night with Seth Meyers, Drew Barrymore showed parents that it isn't just their kids that act out, even Hollywood stars have to deal with epic meltdowns in public places.

Drew Barrymore took her 2 kids, Olive who is 5 and Frankie who is 2, to Disney World in Orlando, Florida.

As any parent knows, a full-day outing, with zero nap-time almost always ends in mayhem.

Olive pitched a fit right in the middle of Disney in her very pretty red dress. Drew's tactic for dealing with the meltdown: stop for a photo op.

As most parents know, once a meltdown starts, you're better off to just let it play itself out. So why not stop to take a funny photo and remind them years later what they put you through?

This wasn't the only time Olive had a very public tantrum. Drew shared another experience of Olive at Disney Land in California refusing to get off the ground.

"It's either the tender, loving approach or the "˜I'm very serious' approach," Drew says. To which Seth responded, "I like your approach, which is, "˜A photo op.'"