Young Man's Invention Saved This Sick Goldfish's Life

We're lucky to live in a time when a family pet can still have a long life even with a disability.

Pet wheelchairs have become so common now that even roosters are using them, so maybe it's not surprising that a young pet store employee has created a special wheelchair for a sick goldfish.

Yes, you read that right. It doesn't work much like a regular wheelchair - of course there are no wheels - but it does let this poor fish swim around its tank like it used to.

Taylor Dean

Taylor Dean, who runs a YouTube account about her many pets, shared these pictures of the fish and its floatation device designed by her friend Derek.

The fish is suffering from swim bladder disease. The swim bladder is a fish's most important organ, because it lets them swim around under control. This fish was stuck at the bottom of it's tank because it couldn't float any higher.

Taylor Dean

When changes to the fish's diet and water supply didn't work, Derek got creative with this "wheelchair" made from aquarium tubing and Styrofoam.

People online have applauded Derek for his creation, saying it shows how people should treat all animals.

While Derek definitely deserves credit for helping out this sick pet, he's actually not the first to build a goldfish wheelchair.

As early as 2013 a fish with the same disease named Ada was using a similar tube-chair to get around.

While it may seem odd to look after a goldfish this way, some people get very attached to their fish. In the right conditions they can live into their teen years, and we all know how hard it is to say goodbye to a pet.

Hopefully these sick fishies just keep swimming, swimming, swimming for as long as possible.


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