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What Really Happens To Your Body When You Get A Flu Shot

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This year has seen a major rise in reported flu epidemics, and around the world people are dying from what should be a passing inconvenience.

One of the biggest reasons that the influenza infection has been spreading like wildfire has to do with hesitations many people have with getting a yearly flu shot.

While groups advocating for both sides raise points such as personal choice and health concerns, the real question remains; what happens to your body when you get a flu vaccine?

The flu shot is meant to contain antibodies that introduce a 'dead' version of the disease into your immune system, apparently to help your body get used to fighting it, should you come into contact with the real thing.

But since the disease changes every year, and with placebos proving that your state of mind is just as important as medicine, is this practice really doing anything to stop the spread of infections?

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