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Your Day Isn't Complete Until You Have Seen These Polar Bear Twins

There is probably nothing cuter than a little baby animal of any kind. They are just perfect little mini versions and literally anything they do is perfect. The only thing better than one baby animal? Two baby animals!

Thes twin polar bears are capturing the hearts of everyone who sees them. Located at the Columbus Zoo in Ohio they just had their very first photoshoot and I think it's fair to say they are definitely America's Next Top Models.

They are just so cute and fluffy and they are so small! They were born back in November to Aurora, and have been growing and growing. They are active little nuggets, running and climbing all over their home. They eat chow and are starting to eat meat whenever they can.

They are starting to learn how to swim by being introduced into belly-deep water where they splash around for a while and then run out to dry off.

They haven't confirmed the sex of these little babies but once they get their vet checks they will let us know.

Their cuteness is almost too hard to handle!

Even they get tired of how cute they are!

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