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You're Going To Want To Sign Your Teens Up For This Class Right Away

When you go to high school, the teachers always tell you they are preparing you for the rest of your life. Problem is, they don't actually teach you all the really essential things you need like how to to move out or how to make a budget.

Well, lucky for the new adults in Oregon, the North Bend Public Library has decided to hold "Adulting 101" classes to help people become functional adults so no one has to call their parents to figure out how to reset a breaker.

I don't know why this isn't mandatory. Many of these things were so hard to figure out on my own; it would have been nice to learn right the first time!

All these life skills seem simple once you already know how to do them, but in a world where everything happens so fast, it's nice that this library has stepped up to the plate. Taking this class would sure make it less embarrassing to find out how to make a budget before it all gets out of control.

Would you have signed up for this class if it was in your neighborhood when you were a teen? Or better yet, would you sign your teenagers up for this class now?

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