You've Done Some Crazy Things, But Have You Ever Refueled Someone Else's Car By Accident?

The gag reel for gas stations is golden. It seems to be a common theme to drive away while the gas nozzle is attached to your car. Many people try to stretch the hose to reach around the opposite side of their vehicle, with hilarious results.

I bet you've never seen anyone do what this woman

A pair of motorists in Russia caught all of this on camera. A man pulls up to the station, selects the type of gas, and leaves the pump to pay. While he's gone, a woman approaches the car and begins the process again with a different grade of gas.

Clearly confused, she goes inside to pay and the real car's owner comes back and switches the gas nozzle. She doesn't understand what has happened when she comes back to the car and thinks someone is playing a prank on her.

Watch until the end to see what happens next!

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