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You've Got To Get This Lisa Frank Makeup Collection Before It's Too Late!

3 days left people! When the Lisa Frank Makeup Line was announced, it took the internet by storm. Almost 4,000 people quickly supported the colorful makeup launch but if you missed out, there is still have time left to get in on the ground floor.

They have surpassed their original goal of $30,000 by A LOT. They are currently sitting at around $173,000 but if you want to guarantee you'll get a Lisa Frank collection you need to go pledge now!

The best thing about this is you can get the entire collection for only $60 so it isn't like it will cost you all that much! Everyone can add some glitter and unicorns to their routine!

Makeup is supposed to be fun, and what's more fun than Lisa Frank? It will give you all kinds of nostalgia while actually being high quality products you'll love to use.

What are you waiting for? Go support it and embrace the throwback!

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