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You've Never Met A More Inspirational Goat Than This Little Sweetheart

Have you every thought of a goat as inspirational? Probably not right? Well, think again! Champ the goat is such an inspirational little buddy who has beaten the odds in ways no one has ever expected.

Champ was born with his legs twisted back which made it impossible for him to use them. He was able to drag them but obviously that isn't ideal. Lucky for him, he has a team of people on his side who have helped make him into the incredibly determined little man that he is today.

He regularly sees a physical therapist and even has been built his own custom wheelchair so he can now keep up with everyone he wants to! He is a Nigerian Dwarf goat and has become an inspiration to his owners.

His mom, Sarah Ericson, has started a support group for people with special needs pets. She started him his very own Facebook page so he can help spread his message. He has even been trained as a therapy goat!

This little guy is doing everything he can to be the very best he can be. Just goes to show that even though he has had his ups and downs, he isn't afraid to keep on fighting and have fun just as much as all the others!

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