You've Never Seen A More Adorable Vampire

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You've Never Seen A More Adorable Vampire

There is nothing cuter than a unique looking animal. There is no end to the supply of adorable pets on the internet and there really is something for everyone.

Monkey is perhaps one of the cutest of the cute animals. Monkey is a cat with a vampire-inspired look. He has two teeth that are extra long and stick down out of his mouth and he is just too perfect.

Monkey's fangs give him a tough-guy look without having to actually be any kind of tough. I mean, he does his best. Look how brutal he is on this leaf:

Completely brutal. But in reality, Monkey is just a sweet how cat with a huge following. he has over 51 thousand followers on Instagram alone!

Monkey's story is quite sweet. His owners actually found him on the street when he darted out in front of their car. They got out to make sure they hadn't hit him and realized he was so thin and flea-infested and had issues with his eyes. They brought him home and nursed him back to health.

As he got healthier, he developed a love of jumping, climbing and swinging off of everything, so he was given the name Monkey. After he grew up a bit, his owner started to notice that his teeth were getting longer and longer.

The vet said that the teeth weren't hurting him, they just happened to grow like that. His owner loves him with all of her heart, and gives him the happiest life a little vampire cat could home for!