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Zoo Announces The Birth Of Rare Red Panda Triplets And It Will Make You Melt

There is a lot of talk about animals born in zoos lately, especially with April the giraffe being such a social media star, but she isn't the only one who is welcoming a new baby.

Kesari and Pabu are the proud parents of three red panda cubs and they are just about the cutest thing you will see all day!

All three cubs are boys and were born on Christmas eve. The Symbio Wildlife Park was waiting to announce the birth because Kesari is a first-time mom and they didn't want any disturbances from the public.

Red Pandas are an endangered species so being able to raise these three babies is very important to the future survival of the entire species.

They are such a sweet looking creature and zoo has been extra careful to make sure they are all doing well.

They just shared a video introducing the triplets to the world and it will warm your heart with how cute it is!

Watch the video and prepare yourself to meet your new favorite animal!

What do you think? Pretty adorable right?

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