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10 Healthy And Safe Foods To Share With Your Dog

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Like most pet owners, I love to pamper my dog and give her a little bit of everything I eat, but I also know that there's a long list of foods that dogs should avoid at all cost. While dog owners can easily become paranoid, there are still lots of people foods that are 100% safe for your dog. In fact, changing your dog's routine with some fresh food is good for them, because it gives them a source of enzymes and nutrients they can't from dog food.

If you want to spoil you pet - responsibly - memorize this helpful list.

When in doubt remember to check the web before sharing, but experts say these 10 foods are fine.

1. Eggs

It turns out there's no reason not to share your breakfast with your dog - but it's up to you whether they're allowed to sit at the table. Hard-boiled eggs are a good choice, because anything with too much milk, cream or oil could upset your dog's stomach.

2. Baby carrots

Just like kids, dogs should feel free to snack on these veggies because they improve eyesight and keep teeth healthy. Just make sure the pieces are small, to prevent choking.

3. Rice

Vets will actually recommend rice instead of dog food, because it's easy for pets to digest. Swap out a bowl of kibble for rice once a week to keep your pet regular. Brown rice has more protein, but white rice helps digestion more. But don't give Fido any soy sauce, even if he begs!

4. Cooked chicken

There's nothing wrong with some cooked meat, especially because protein keeps your dog lean and strong. If you regularly eat cooked chicken, you can regularly swap it out for your dog's food to save a bit of money. Just don't give them any cooked bones, because they can splinter and choke your dog.

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