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10 Strange Things That Are Banned In Other Countries

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Other countries may get a kick out of the fact that America has banned Kinder Eggs, but it turns out we're not the only country with some very strange restrictions.

1. Ol' Blue Eyes

"My Way" is one of Frank Sinatra's best loved classics, but performing it at a karaoke bar in the Philippines could be fatal. As many as 12 people have been killed while singing the crooner's hit song in a spree called the "My Way Killings." Apparently something about the song just sends people into a rage, so karaoke bars around the country have banned it.

2. Dying

You would think that dying is a lot like using the bathroom - when you've got to go, you've got to go. But there are a handful of countries with bans on passing away. In the UK, you can't expire in the Houses of Parliament, because anyone who does is guaranteed a state funeral. In Svalbard, Norway, the ground is too cold to dig up a grave year-round, so you'll have to kick the bucket somewhere else.

Svalbard gives the deceased a chilly reception.ESA

Meanwhile, the Italian village of Sellia doesn't have a cemetery, and the town is feuding with the nearest one that does, so meeting your maker is banned within the town's limits.

3. Ketchup

French adults can enjoy as much of this classic topping as they want, but their poor children are deprived. In 2011 France passed a law making school meals healthier, which included restrictions on ketchup and mayonnaise, both to keep kids healthy and to protect the integrity of French cuisine. Ketchup is still on the menu, but only for certain meals - like French fries.

4. Changing a light bulb

How many people from Victoria, Australia does it take to screw in a light bulb? Just one, but they might be charged 10 Australian dollars for their trouble. The city requires all light bulbs to be changed by a licensed electrician, but since the fine is cheaper than a visit from one it's still a DIY project for most people.

5. Scrabble

During the '80s, Romania's President Nicolae Ceausescu spoiled the country's game nights by banning Scrabble. He said the famous word game is "overly intellectual" and "subversive evil," which are the same complaints I make when my aunt Edna gets a Triple World Score on "mizzenmasts."

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