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Chinese City Bans Families From Owning More Than 1 Dog

Dog lovers in Qingdao, China got some bad news this month, as the city announced that it's cracking down on an unlikely target: families that own more than one dog. China was once famous for its "One Child Policy," where the government restricted families from having more than one child, but now "One Dog Policies" are on the rise in the country's biggest cities.

Following in the footsteps of Beijing, Qingdao will only allow owners to register and keep 1 dog (no word on how many cats you're allowed to have).

Pet owners can also be fined $290 for breaking the rules.

The city says the laws are meant to encourage dog owners to "create a harmonious society and be a civilized dog raiser," but it also blames cases of people being injured by dogs for the new rules.

In fact, part of the new regulations is a ban on more than 40 "dangerous" dog breeds, ranging from pit bulls and dobermans to Tibetan mastiffs, St. Bernards and even German shepherds.

The city says that fees and fines from the new laws will go towards animal shelters, but obviously dog lovers are upset they can't keep more than 1 furry friend.

China has a complicated history with dog ownership, and until recently dogs were still on the menu in parts of the country, but anyone who's owned a dog will probably agree that these rules are too strict.

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