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Thieves Caught On Camera Stealing 10-Year-Old's Bike, Turns Out They're Her Parents

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The daylight robbery caught on a security camera is every parent's worst nightmare. On the tape, Lucy-Leigh Redfern, a 10-year-old from Cleethorpes in the UK, leaves her bike unattended at the entrance to her local convenience store. Moments later a man simply walks up and takes it, leaving Lucy to break into tears when she finds her bike is missing.

It's the kind of story that outrages parents everywhere, except this time most are laughing about it.

That's because Lucy's parents, mom Becca and stepdad Steve, were the ones who pulled off the heist.

The couple revealed that they bought Lucy the bike, which cost around $200. They warned her to lock it up, but often caught her ignoring their advice, so they decided to teach her a lesson.

"I've got a little boy too and I'm always telling the both not to leave their bikes anywhere," Becca says. "She knows better but kids are kids and they take chances."

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