10 Classic Norman Rockwell Paintings That Will Remind You Of Simpler Times


10 Classic Norman Rockwell Paintings That Will Remind You Of Simpler Times

You may not recognize his name, but you've probably seen lots of Norman Rockwell's famous paintings before.

Most famous for his magazine covers, including more than 300 beautiful, hand-painted covers for the Saturday Evening Post, Rockwell was well-known for his realistic but warmhearted paintings of life in America.

You've probably seen his works hanging in dentist's offices and classrooms across the country, but he's also a very respected artist whose works have sold for millions of dollars.

Jog your memory with 10 of Rockwell's most famous works and see why people still love them today.

1. The Four Freedoms

Taking inspiration from a speech by President Roosevelt, these paintings captured what's great about America. During World War 2, the army raised over $130 million selling tickets to see these paintings.

2. The Golden Rule

There's a reason diplomats and politicians stop to see this painting at its home in the United Nations headquarters. Rockwell was inspired to make it after studying different religions and noticing that they all had this rule in common.

3.  Saying Grace

Rockwell wasn't a very religious person, but lots of his paintings captured the importance of religion in America. This painting sold for $46 million, the most expensive price for a Rockwell painting to date.

4. Stockbridge Main Street At Christmas

Stockbridge was Rockwell's home town, and his iconic painting of it lit up at Christmas time is one of his best works. Every year, the townspeople of Stockbridge recreate the painting in real life using the town's historic homes.

5. Moving In

Rockwell was a painter from the 1910s through the 1970s, and his paintings captured the many changes the country went through during those decades.

6. Coming and Going

You don't need to be an art critic to enjoy this one, anyone who's been on a road trip can recognize this scene. Notice how the grandpa in the back seat is the only one who doesn't change.

7. The Runaway

Lots of Rockwell's paintings captured universal childhood experiences, and this painting will remind everyone of the time they decided to run away from home.

8. Girl With A Black Eye

Speaking of childhood memories, this adorable painting was hanging the office of every principal's office I ever visited.

9. Teacher's Birthday

Not only is this a very sweet painting, it's full of great, small details, like the chalk on the floor and the gifts on her desk.

10. Rosie the Riveter

While it's not the most famous image of the symbol for women helping the war effort, Rockwell's take on Rosie the Riveter is still one of his best. Every part of the image, including the pins on her overalls, add to the painting.

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