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10 Totally Stupid Reasons Why People Were Fired From Their Jobs

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5. Being "too fat"

Too be perfectly clear: it's wrong to fire anyone because of their size, but firing a 5'10", 120lb model because she's too big just doesn't make any sense. Filippa Hamilton was a model for Polo Ralph Lauren when they released a photoshopped ad where her head is bigger than her waist.

The edited photo that Hamilton blames on her firing, compared to a real photo of her.Timeline

Apparently the real Filippa wasn't living up to the brand's standards anymore, because she was fired for not being able to "fit in their clothes any more." For what it's worth, Polo blames her firing on a contract dispute, but Hamilton said the brand owed American women "a big apology."

6. Winning a basketball game

You would think that a high school girl's basketball coach who lead his team to a 100-0 victory could count on some job security, but that wasn't the case for coach Micah Grimes. He was fired by The Covenant School because his crushing victory wasn't "Christlike" or "honorable."

To be fair, The Covenant School's team was competing against a group of girls with learning differences, but he insists that fans were cheering his team to victory as they won.

7. Saving a life

When Tomas Lopez from Hallandale Beach, Florida rushed to save a drowning man, he earned himself the key to the city but also lost his job. That's because Lopez left his assigned watch position to rescue the swimmer, who was drifting in an "unsupervised" part of the beach.

Lopez's boss told him he should have just called 911 and left the man to drown until they arrived. Other lifeguards resigned in protest alongside Lopez, and the episode made the city shop around for a more reliable lifeguard company.

8. Wearing orange

At the Elizabeth R. Wellborn law firm in Florida, employees had a tradition of wearing orange on paydays, when they would go out for Happy Hour celebrations after work. Orange is of course associated with Florida, but the law firm's new management didn't make the connection.

Janice Doble was one of the workers who were fired.ABC News

They fired 14 employees because they were convinced the matching outfits were a protest against new company policies. Apparently, they were convinced the orange outfits were meant to look like prison jumpsuits. Of course, the employees filed a wrongful dismissal suit. That's what you get for making assumptiuons!

9. Shaving her head

Stacey Fearnall lost her father to cancer, so when an opportunity to raise money for cancer research presented itself she jumped at it. Fearnall raised almost $3,000 and shaved her head for cancer awareness, but her boss wasn't impressed.

Fearnall, who works as a waitress, was told to wear a wig or else she would be violating the company dress code. She refused and was sent home. This didn't sit well with the public, and the restaurant had to close temporarily because of the backlash.


Vicki Walker's job at a health insurance company could be VERY FRUSTRATING, because she forced to constantly repeat instructions about how to fill in forms correctly. To get the message across, she liberally used ALL CAPS, bolded words and red fonts in her e-mailed instructions.

A sample of Vicki's handiwork.Gizmodo

Her bosses thought this approach was too confrontational, and they fired her. But after filing a wrongful termination suit she was awarded $17,000 in lost wages. HA!

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