10 Unique Ideas To Reveal Your Baby's Gender To Your Loved Ones


10 Unique Ideas To Reveal Your Baby's Gender To Your Loved Ones

For most parents, expecting a baby is a truly exciting time in their lives. Whether it's your first, second or sixth child, it's always a wonderful feeling when you out the baby's gender.

In the past, parents-to-be revealed the baby's sex after it's born. However, in recent years more and more parents are opting to creatively tell family and friends through a gender reveal party, photoshoot or video before the baby arrives.

If you or someone you know is expecting a new bundle of joy, you might want to consider this cute gender announcement trend to help you sprinkle a dose of surprise on top of all the excitement around the unborn baby. Here's some creative ideas to inspire your very own reveal announcement, there's little bit of everything for everyone, from simple photoshoots to elaborate affairs.

1. Pinata Smash

2. Lashes or Staches Party

3. Balloon Launch

4. Bubblegum Photoshoot

Let Me See You Sparkle Photography

5. Sparklers at Night

Cloud Nine Studios Photography

6. Gender Reveal Cake

8. Archery Reveal Party

8. Little Prince or Little Princess Party

9. Science 'Experiment' Reveal Party

10. Smoke Bomb Reveal

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