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11 Facts About "Price Is Right" That Will Leave You Yelling "$1 Bob!!"

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"Come on down! You're the next contestant onnnnnnnnn The Price Is Right!"

You're lying if you say you never dreamed about hearing these words. Price Is Right was a part of everyone's childhood, and frankly still holds a special place in our hearts.

There are many things you probably didn't know about the show, though.

1. Barker's Better Gray

The game show's ratings actually improved once Bob Barker started going gray.

“I was prematurely gray,” Barkers told the Los Angeles Times. “I began to gray at my temples, and I guess it could be that technology at that time was not what it is today, but I didn’t look good. It looked like I had no hair at my temples, so they suggested I tint it. We taped ahead. So let’s say on the Wednesday show I had dark hair, but when we taped the next show I had gray hair, and that show aired on Thursday. I got a letter from a fellow who said, ‘Bob, you must have had one hell of a night.’”  

Once they realized fans responded better to Barker's gray locks, he was given permission to stop dying his hair in 1987.

2. Stan Blits Must Be Tired

There's one man in charge of screening every single person who's vying to be on their favorite show. “I am looking for energy, sincerity, and potential humor," he says. "And if they can equal my energy or exceed it and maintain it, they are at the top of the list.”

No bribing with gifts, though. And don't get too aggressive.

3. Vanna White, Come On Down!

Two years before Wheel Of Fortune came around, Vanna White was a contestant on Price Is Right. Though she didn't make it on stage, contestant's row is just as fun!

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