11 Things CeeLo Green's Grammys Outfit Actually Looked Like

This year's Grammys certainly has had it's fair share of notable moments. From Beyonce's gorgeous crown, to Joy Villa's interesting wardrobe choice.

But, one of the most tweeted about fashion statement comes from singer, rapper and songwriter, CeeLo Green. He appeared in what could only be described as an otherworldly gold robot.

This is CeeLo Green at the 2017 Grammys.

He debuted his alter ego, Gnarly Davidson, at the awards ceremony on Sunday night:

Twitter was quick to comment on the bizarre, other-worldly look:

A Gold Power Ranger


A Ferrero Rocher

The Thing from Fantastic Four

Goldust the wrestler

A Snitch

Gold KFC Man

Zordon the floating head from Power Rangers

A few other things he reminds us of:

This Pre-Columbian Idol

A Gold Bowling Ball

Ramses from the movie Nacho Libre

What do you think? Does this remind you of anything else?

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