11 Strange Jobs From Around The World That'll Make You Appreciate Your Day Job

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11 Strange Jobs From Around The World That'll Make You Appreciate Your Day Job


When we were young, we often imagined being a doctor, police officer or firefighter, but as we grew older most of us started to realize we'd spend the next 30 years working a stiff office job.

But, there are some people who don't settle down with a nine to five job, and still go out and chase their dreams.

These people find unique careers that many haven't even heard of, let alone do. What are some of these bizarre professions you might ask? Well here are 11 examples of some of the weirdest jobs in the world.

1. Deodorant Sniffer

If you have a strong sense of smell, becoming a deodorant sniffer might just be the perfect job for you. They work directly with deodorant companies to make sure their product is effective. They work in a hot room and can smell up to 60 armpits an hour to determine what ingredients lead to the best results, based on a scale from one to ten.

Depending on your experience and seniority level, you can make between $19,000 to $52,000 a year.

2. Rental Boyfriend

In many Asian cultures, it's heavily looked down upon if a woman is still single by her late 20s, so what do they do? Rent a boyfriend of course. This career is especially popular in Japan, which actually has legitimate companies offering this service.

Prices for renting a boyfriend varies depending on what grade of partner you want, but it typically ranges between $45 to $65 an hour.

You're not allowed to get intimate with your faux beau, but hugging and holding hands meet the guidelines.

3. Train Pusher

Japan is known as one of the most punctual countries in the world, and for good reason. To make sure everyone gets to work on time (about 8.7 million who take the subway), the country employs train pushers to make sure as many people are crammed into the vehicle as possible.

Railway attendants typically work from 7 a.m. to 9 a.m and make about $10 per hour.

4. Professional Mourner

When someone dies, you'll often see their loved ones mourning their loss. But what if nobody's there to show their anguish? That's where professional mourners come in. These actors are paid to attend the deceased's funeral and grieve over their death.

While it's a popular career choice in South East Asia, if you nab this job in England, you'll be paid roughly $70 for only two hours of work.

5. License Plate Blocker

If you live in India, you'll know that traffic is a nightmare. To mitigate congestion on the road, authorities have begun to put restrictions on when people are allowed to use their car. Drivers with license plates ending in even numbers are only permitted to be used every other day, while people with license plates ending in odd numbers are allowed the rest of the time.

Fed up with this rule, many people hire people to walk behind their car to shield their license plate numbers from the cameras on the street. Although there are no exact numbers this gig pays, judging by the slow flow of traffic, it seems like easy enough work.

6. Bike Fisher

Along with the beautiful scenery and clog shoes, Amsterdam is known for being one of the most bike-friendly cities in the world. But using this mode of transportation does come with its own set of downfalls, such as having your bicycle fall into the canal.

Since there are a whopping 165 canals in the city, it isn't unusual to hear some have been pushed into the large bodies of water. So, Amsterdam's Water Authority, Waternet, has been tasked with scooping them out with a huge claw, all year round.

About 15,000 of the city's estimated two million bikes end up in the canal every year, so it definitely keeps these workers busy.

7. Face Feeler

Otherwise known as "sensory scientists," face feelers have the unique job of judging how smooth a person's face is. They're hired by companies that sell items like face wash, moisturizers, shaving creams and razors.

While this isn't a full-time job, they can make up to $25 per hour.

8. Snake Milker

If you thought only cows could be milked, think again. Snake milkers are tasked with the dangerous job of removing the reptile's poisonous venom and placing it into jars. Scientists use snake venom to figure out how to make medicine to counteract the deadly toxins.

This could be a lucrative career as a single gram of snake venom can cost up to $1,000.

9. Town Crier

Back in the Middle Ages, the king or queen of England employed a town crier to report the daily news to their subjects. Since illiteracy was high and newspapers had yet to be created, they were in charge of sharing the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Since the town crier worked for the monarchy, the public were forbidden to harm him or had to face harsh consequences if they did. Interestingly enough, this is where the famous saying, "don't shoot the messenger" comes from.

While their job is considered obsolete in today's day and age, they're still used today to announce the birth of new royal babies.

10. Professional Ear Cleaner

A job not for the faint of heart, professional ear cleaners make a living by, you guessed it, cleaning people's ears. The unsightly task is still popular in India and is done to rid the ears "of any foreign body, wax, and dust."

These professionals will often use a cotton covered needle along with a pair of tweezers to get the wax out for the low, low price of only 30 cents.

11. Pet Food Tester

While every dog owner wants to make sure their pet is eating a healthy, tasty meal, very few will try it themselves.

But, they don't have to, because there there are jobs for that. Pet food testers, who have an average salary of about $40,000 a year, are paid to test the quality of their furry friend's food. Pet food testers are also tasked with assessing its nutritional value, before they're allowed to spit it out.

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