13 Vintage Christmas Decorations That Are Making A Comeback

It's going to feel a lot like Christmas from your childhood, thanks to retro decor making a comeback!

From how we decorate our tree, to the Christmas decor we haven't seen in decades, the vintage styles that we loved from our childhood are coming back. Even the gifts under the tree are having a nostalgic flare!

These are all the ways Christmas is going to remind you of your childhood.

1. Bring On The Tinsel

Remember trying to lay the individual strands of tinsel on your tree? By the time you were done, the living room carpet was a mess, but your tree sparkled with the lights. This inexpensive decoration was a great reminder of the '60s.

2. Shiny Bright Ornaments

These beautiful bulbs from pre-World War II are back in an exclusive collection from West Elm. Originally created with colored glass and painted pastel strips, this vintage-inspired decoration will take you back in time.

3. Homemade Decor

Back in the day, we didn't have a lot of money to buy decorations and gifts during the holidays. So it was common to craft your own decor instead of buying it from the store. Whether you knit your own stocking or threaded popcorn for garland, these money-saving tricks are coming back!

4. Vintage Santa Figures

We all know someone that loves Santa figurines. Whether you want to start a collection or add to one, these old-school Santas are perfect for your vintage Christmas decor.

5. Classic Christmas Tablecloths

Whether it was cross-stitched or hand-screened, these linens styled from the '30s - '50s are coming back! You can find them on Etsy and eBay to help you decorate this Christmas.

6. Ceramic Trees

With just a flick of the switch, the multicolored lights will brighten up these beautiful ceramic trees. Whether you want to add to your home decorations or give a vintage flair to your desk at work, these trees are perfect.

7. Jingle Bells

If the sound of jingle bells brings back holly jolly memories you will love all the vintage jingle bell decor you can find! From galvanized wreathes to wall hangings, this sound will light up your Christmas season this year.

8. Popcorn Garland

For some of us, this Christmas tradition has never stopped. It's fun to do with the kids and grandkids, inexpensive to put together, and gives you a wonderful warm result on your tree!

9. Pixie Elves

Before "The Elf on the Shelf" we had these whimsical figurines that just seemed to always have mischief in their eyes.

10. Nostalgic Decorative Plates

It's time to bring out the Christmas dishes! This special set of seasonal plates have vintage-inspired art of Saint Nick himself. You will want to pass these ones down to keep them in the family.


11. Vintage Toys

You may see familiar trinkets from your childhood under your tree this year! From a train in a tin, to a retro tennis set, and a magic tricks kit, you will think you have gone back in time.

12. Snow Globes

Did your mom have a collection of these? Mine sure did! There was something wonderful about vintage snow-globes that just took you to another place and time. Give these a good shake and watch the snow fall this Christmas.

13. Matching PJ Sets

Families today may think that they're unique when they order their matching PJ sets for the kids, but we know the truth. It feels like yesterday we were running down the stairs in our printed PJs to see what Santa brought us.

What was your favorite thing about Christmas in your childhood? Share with us in the comments.

Inspiration: Country Living