13 Years Later, A New TV Show Hopes To Crack One Of America's Strangest Cold Cases

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13 Years Later, A New TV Show Hopes To Crack One Of America's Strangest Cold Cases

Jim Cole / AP

When a bus driver saw Maura Murray stranded on the side of the road he did what any good Samaritan would and asked if she needed help.

Murray's car, recovered from the scene of her crash.Missing Maura Murray

The young woman said she had already called CAA, and while the bus driver still called the police he drove away, leaving the woman standing beside her crashed car. That bus driver was the last person to see Maura Murray in 13 years.

Murray's family remembers her as a bright but troubled student.Wikimedia

While the 21-year-old college student is still treated as a missing person, no one has made a credible sighting of her since February 8th, 2004. The only thing stranger than Murray's vanishing act are her actions in the days before she went missing.

First, the Amherst student e-mailed her professors saying she had to miss class because of a death in her family - this was a lie. Her coworkers say Murray also broke into tears after receiving a mysterious phone call 4 days before she disappeared.

Posters for Murray still hang in the Haverhill, N.H. police station.Jim Cole / AP

We still don't know who called Murray or why, and that's just one of the many unanswered questions in her case. Even police can't settle on a theory for why she disappeared.

We know for sure that Murray left Amherst and drove to New Hampshire, where she crashed her car and vanished.

This ribbon marks the last place Murray was seen.Jim Cole / AP

All of her possessions were found in the car, along with a box of wine and driving directions to Burlington, Vermont. Only the young woman's wallet was missing.

Witnesses saw Murray at the scene of her crash, but she was gone by the time police arrived. Police think she may have gotten lost in the woods while searching for help, or was picked up by a passerby.

Murray's sister Julie poses with the missing woman's things.Maura Murray

Other investigators theorize that Murray, who had a recent run-in with the law over a stolen credit card, may have been planning to flee to Canada. Now, 13 years later, a new TV show hopes to settle this case once and for all.

Journalist Maggie Freleng (right) is leading the new investigation.Scott Eisen / Oxygen Media

The Oxygen network's new show The Disappearance of Maura Murray will analyze her case the same way the network looked into Natalee Holloway's, hoping to finally bring closure to the missing woman's family.

The Disappearance of Maura Murray premieres at the end of September.

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