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6 Years After She Vanished At Sea, This CCTV Footage Is Still The Only Clue To The Mystery

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When Rebecca Coriam showed up for her last day of work on March 21, 2011 there was no sign that anything was wrong. As a cruise ship attendant on the Disney Wonder, the 24-year-old from England was known for being cheery and friendly.

She sent her parents a message on the computer that morning, telling them she would call later. In fact, that was the last message they would ever get from Rebecca, and they would never get the chance to use the Disneyland Paris tickets Rebecca had purchased for them either.

The cruise ship had just left Los Angeles that day, and was passing by the coast of Mexico early the next morning when Rebecca got a call on her cell phone while she was in the lounge for cruise ship staff. The video footage of her taking the call at 5:45am, and seeming to get upset by what she was told, was the last time anyone saw her alive.

A still from the final CCTV footage of Rebecca Coriam.Liverpool Echo

When she didn't show up for her shift the next morning, authorities searched the water for any sign of Rebecca. She was never found, and detectives from the Bahamas (where the ship was registered) began an investigation into her disappearance.

Their investigation left Rebecca's family with 2 questions: what really happened to Rebecca, and what does Disney really know about this case?

Coriam's parents were never satisfied with the results of the investigation.Scribol

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