14 Aussie Heatwave Tweets That Speak To Our Souls


14 Aussie Heatwave Tweets That Speak To Our Souls

It's a scorcher in east Australia with temperatures rising above 44 degrees Celsius in some regions.

Locals pretty much agree that Dante's Inferno has just achieved it's 10th level of hell and it's called Australian Heatwave 2017.

Temperatures rose within the first weeks of January and were predicted to stay at an unbearable level that rendered all Aussies and tourists to sweltering sweat sacs. According to Weatherzone, February's shaping up to be even worse.

How is there so much purple?

Understandably, Aussies are pretty much over it and really wish it would rain already - or snow, snow would be great.

They say misery loves company, so here are the top Tweets from salty Aussies who've had enough:

How do you like your eggs?

It's been especially hard on the animals:

Meanwhile, in Canada...

Stay cool, Australia, it can't stay this hot forever!