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15 Cats With Serious Cattitude

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Cats are complicated animals. They can be friendly, comforting and sweet, but sometimes they're also total jerks. Unlike dogs, who tend to be happy-go-lucky 24/7, cats can change their minds on a dime. One minute they're cuddling with you on the couch, the next minute they're knocking your lamp off the coffee table.

Animal behavior experts call this "cattitude" - well, at least I do, and I've looked at enough cat pictures to qualify as an expert.

Look through these 15 examples of cats that need a serious attitude adjustment. If you own a cat, you'll definitely recognize some of the behavior on display here.

1. "Yes, you caught me, but I don't care."

2. I hope you weren't planning to use that.

3. Rejected

4. Oh, so NOW you want to cuddle?!

5. "Oh, that's fine, I guess we can share...or not..."

6. If cats could tuck themselves in, this would definitely happen

7. In case you're not convinced that cats simply don't care, just look at this video evidence

8. Okay, this one is just rude

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