21 Dogs With Unusual Taste In Friends

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Dogs are probably the friendliest animals on the planet - as any dog owner will agree.

Every day when you get home from work they're overjoyed to see you, and they'll happily tag along wherever you go. And dogs don't just have this special relationship with humans.

Name any animal under the sun and odds are that there's a dog who has made friends with one. They have an almost magical ability to get along with everyone they meet. Enjoy this list of the 21 cutest, most incredible animals dogs have made friends with and share any we forgot in the comments section!

1. Orangutans are just like us, they even have their own pets

2. Torque adopted Shrek the owl when he was just a chick

3. Nothing better than hitting the pool with your best pal

4. Bonedigger looks scary, but Milo the wiener dog knows he just wants some affection

5. Mitani the dog and Kasi the cheetah grew up together at Busch Gardens

6. It's important to see eye-to-eye with your friends

7. Pippin the deer has moved back to the forest, but he still visits Kane

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