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15 Cheap And Easy DIY Projects That Make Your Home Look Amazing

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If you want to shake things up at home but you aren't interested in beginning a long and stressful project, start with these 15 ideas. They're all simple and affordable, but can have a huge effect on your home. Take a few ideas from this list and in just a weekend you can give your home a mini-makeover.

1. Add flair to your faucets

The parts of our home that we use every day are usually the ones we never think to update. You could improve your kitchen with a modern "smart" faucet, but a throwback like brass or copper will look nice as well.

2. Line your shelves and drawers

Let's face it, your books will probably never stay in alphabetical order, but the cases can still look cool. Applying some wallpaper to the back of the shelves gives them a nice "pop" effect.

You can do the same thing with your drawers for a pleasant surprise every time you open them.

3. Declutter (seriously)

Making sure your home is nice and clean is one thing, keeping it neat and organized is another. We have tips from a world-renowned expert that can help you finally get things ship shape - and keep them that way. Here are a few clever organizational projects to try as well.

4. Put up your number

Odds are that if your house number is up by the front door, those dirty, metal numbers haven't changed since the house was built. Picking some numbers or a sign with flair is an easy way to stand out from your neighbors. Or, see if there's a curb painting business in your neighborhood. They do some very impressive work.

5. Fake a backsplash

We would all like to have this dynamic feature in our kitchen, but nobody wants to watch any video tutorials and spend a whole day sticking the pieces on to make one. Luckily, all you need to simulate a backsplash is paint, tape, and lots of patience.

This guide will show you how.

6. Shine up your shutters

When you paint inside your home, it just reminds you that there are so many other places you want to add a fresh coat. But adding a little color to your shutters, window trim or even the front door is a much simpler job.

Go bold, or try to match one of the shades that's already in your home's color scheme. It doesn't matter if the sides and back are painted to match, so you can focus on the front to save time and money.

7. Change your perspective

You actually don't need to buy or change anything in your home to give it a face-lift. Start by shifting your furniture around, see where you can relocate some of your bigger pieces and let that guide you to redecorate. Just moving the couch from one wall to the next can transform a room.

If you want to try something more ambitious, these ideas will fill out your weekend...

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