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15 Secrets From Wheel Of Fortune Pat Sajak Doesn't Want You To Know

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Even if you tune in to Wheel of Fortune every day, you're only seeing half the show. It turns out there are a lot of things happening behind the scenes that viewers never learn about.

Here are 15 secrets every Wheel Watcher should know:

1. The wheel looks bigger on TV

While a six foot diameter is nothing to sneeze at, the wheel looks a lot bigger on your TV screen because of some creative angles. The entire thing weighs 2,400 pounds, and it's full of electronics including 200 lights that can shine in 2 million colors.

Meanwhile, the wheel's signature sound is 100% real. It's made by the 73 stainless steel pins hitting the dials. In total, the set weight more than 1 million pounds, and it takes 14 trucks to move the show to destinations around the world.

2. No, the show isn't "rigged"

A popular conspiracy theory says that Pat controls a "braking system" for the wheel. The best evidence is that Pat never lands on Bankrupt when he makes the Final Spin each episode. In fact Pat does land on Bankrupt, those spins are just edited out.

“It’s a crime to rig a TV game show," Sajak explains, "and as much as I like our players, I’m not going to prison so someone can win a trip to the Bahamas.”

3. The hosts used to get drunk before taping

In the show's early days, the hosts admit they liked to enjoy a margarita or two (or three, or four) at a nearby Mexican restauraunt before taping. “Vanna and I would [...] come and do the last shows and have trouble recognizing the alphabet," Sajak remembers. "I had a great time. I have no idea if the shows were any good, but no one said anything, so I guess I did okay.”

4. Vanna is a Guinness World Record holder

She's entered in the record books as "Television's Most Frequent Clapper." Vanna claps during every spin, averaging about 28,000 claps each season.

5. The Wheel and Jeopardy! hosts switched places once

The two game shows are the perfect pair, so it's no surprise that their hosts have traded hosting duties. For April Fool's Day, Alex Trebek and Sajak's wife Lesly Brown hosted a special charity episode of Wheel, while Pat hosted the popular quiz show.

Pat also took over Vanna's letter-turning duties for one episode when a bad case of laryngitis kept him from hosting.

So what's the most you can actually win on Wheel of Fortune?

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