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25 Guiness World Records So Weird You'll Wonder How Anyone Thought To Break Them

Guinness World Records

It's that time of year once again: Guinness has released their latest book of world records to challenge and confuse us all.

Since 1955 the record books have sold more than 138 million copies, and the newest one is chock full of weird skills, talents and collections. Here are 25 of the strangest.

1. Largest number of bees covering a human body

Chinese beekeeper Gao Bingguo covered himself in 1.1 million insects to break this record - that's more than 200 pounds worth of the insects. He was stung at least 2,000 times during the attempt, and smoked the entire time to keep the bees away from his mouth.

2. Most people in a single car

More than 40 students from Siberian Federal University crammed themselves into a car for this record, and the joy on their faces shows how proud they were.

3. Longest Eyelashes

China's You Jianxia grew her lashes to an eye-catching 4.9 inches. Hopefully being a record-holder makes up for all the stares she gets in public.

4. Most straws stuffed in a mouth

The appropriately named Guinness Rishi from India won this record after fitting 496 straws in his mouth and holding them there for 10 second. Rishi actually had his teeth removed to help pull off the stunt.

5. Most slam dunks by a rabbit in one minute

Bini the Bunny hippity-hopped his way to stardom with 7 dunks, making his owner Shai very happy. Bini is actually mutli-talented, because he can also paint.

Bini isn't the only incredible animal on this list.

6. Wealthiest cat

When reclusive antique dealer Ben Rhea past away, he left his $12.5 million fortune to his pet cat Blackie and a trio of animal charities. While Blackie definitely has more money than I do, he's actually not the world's wealthiest pet.

7. Heaviest car balanced on a person's head

To survive this stunt, John Evans from Derbyshire, England used a specially-modified Mini Cooper that weighed just 350 pounds. That's using your head John!

8. World's tallest dog/cat

Great Dane Freddy (3 feet, 4.75 inches) takes top prize as the world's tallest canine, and regularly steals treats hidden on the top of his owner Clare Stoneman's fridge. Meanwhile, the 30 pound Savannah cat named Arcturus is the world's tallest feline. His owners had to install a medium sized dog door to let him in and out of the house.

9. World's fastest tortoise

Bertie the tortoise practices his form on a special racetrack in his enclosure, and he's been clocked at a top speed of 0.92 feet per second, or 0.62 miles per hour.

10. World's largest collection of toothpaste tubes

Dentist Val Kolpakov has collected more than 2,036 tubes from all over the world, including countries like Japan, China, and Russia.

11. World's largest Christmas tree bauble

The custom-made decoration was built by Mexico's Sergio Rodriguez out of galvanized steel, measuring 13.77 feet across. Imagine how big the tree for this thing must be!

12. Most t-shirts worn at once

Sanath Bandara from Sri Lanka was a victim of a terrorist attack in 2008, and ever since he's been breaking Guinness World Records to live life to the fullest. His most famous record involved wearing 257 shirts at once.

13. World's tallest mohawk

It took patience and lots of gel to help Kazuhiro Watanabe break this record. He spent 15 years growing his hair out to build a mohawk 3 feet and 8.6 inches tall. Watanabe's daughter has promised to break her dad's record someday.

14. World's heaviest onion

Tony Glover's record-smashing 18 pound onion from 2014 dethroned the previous winner's 17 pound bulb. It has a 32 inch circumference and could make French onion soup for almost 40 people.

15. World's largest garden gnome collection

Austrian pensioner Helga Eidenhammer's 4,000 garden gnome correction may be the world's largest. While it hasn't been judged yet, Eidenhammer has almost twice as many as Ann Atkin, who's garden gnome "reserve" is the current record-holder.

Let's go from gnomes to a giant for our next record...

16. Person with the longest legs

Russian model Ekaterina Lisina (of course she's a model) walks down the catwalk on her 52 inch legs. She's 6'9", which also makes here the world's tallest model.

17. Longest distance dragged by a horse while on fire

Yes, you read that one right. Stuntman Joseph Tödtling from Austria was dragged behind the horse for 1,640 feet while set on fire. But don't worry, he was wearing protective clothing and cooling gel, along with elbow and knee pads.

18. Longest fingernails

Houston nail artist Ayanna Williams has spent 23 years growing her nails, which add up to an impressive 18.9 feet long in total. But Shridhar Chillal from India holds the record for the longest fingernails on a single hand. He stopped cutting the nails on his left hand in 1952, and today they've reached more than 29 feet. Ick!

19. Loudest purring cat

When Merlin the cat is feeling happy, it's hard not to notice. The senior feline's noises are so loud, his owner Tracy often has to turn up the volume on her TV. You can even hear him purring over the sound of a hair dryer.

20. Most chainsaw juggling catches

Pro juggler Ian Stewart pulled off this dangerous feat in 2011, catching 94 of the juggled power tools in a row in just 37 seconds. And yes, they were turned on while he juggled them. Watch Stewart in action:

21. Largest group of people receiving a beauty treatment in the same location

It's not quite a day at the spa, but it will do. More than 1,000 women piled into a soccer stadium in China for a facial, including a cleansing, a face mask, moisturizing and a massage. The group smashed the previous record, which was just 287 people.

22. World's longest tongue

Nick "the Lick" Stoeberl has a 3.97 inch tongue, which he credits to his dad's love for Gene Simmons. The record breaker says his father was "a huge KISS fan, and may have wanted me to be a rock star. I may have been the answer to his prayer."

23. Farthest "eyeball pop"

Kim Goodman's talent is literally eye-popping. The American woman can push her eyes 12 millimeters out of her sockets. Ew!

24. Most toilet seats broken by the head in one minute

American martial artist Kevin Shelley used his head to bust 46 wooden toilet seats in one minute, earning him a spot in the record books for one of the strangest talents of all.

Warning: this clip is not for the faint of heart!

25. World's shortest cat

Lilieput, a munchkin cat, made a big splash when she won the record for being the Shortest Living Domestic Cat.

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