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15 Mega-Stars That Started Out As Soap Actors

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Every big name in Hollywood had to start small, and for many actors and actresses daytime soap operas were their first big jobs in show business.

Check out these 15 stars before they were famous:

1. Josh Duhamel

The Transformers star won an Emmy for playing Leo du Pres on All My Children between 1999 and 2002. His steamy relationship with Rebecca Budig's Greenlee was a fan favorite. Leo "died" after falling off a waterfall, but the actor returned to the show in 2011 for a farewell cameo.

2. Lindsey Lohan

With a modeling career that began at age three, Lohan already had lots of showbiz experience before playing the young Alli Fowler on Another World between 1996 and '97.

3. Eva Longoria

This Desperate Housewives actress is also well-known for her role as Isabelle Brana on The Young & the Restless, but she actually made her soap debut with a guest spot on General Hospital.

4. Marissa Tomei

Before making the jump to the big screen and winning an Oscar for My Cousin Vinny, Tomei played Marcy Thompson on As the World Turns between 1982 and '84, with strange plots that involved a sexual harassment suit and a royal marriage that made her Lady Marcy Cushing.

5. Christopher Reeve

The Man of Steel began his career as Ben Harper, who was secretly married to two different women on Love of Life. Very out of character for the Superman actor.

6. Demi Moore

The actress had a recurring role as Jackie Templeton on General Hospital between 1982 and '83, playing an investigative reporter who became tangled in the lives of Port Charles's residents before moving away.

7. Sarah Michelle Geller

Before she played Buffy the Vampire Slayer, this actress won a Daytime Emmy Award for her role as Kendall Hart on All My Children in the 1990s.

Keep reading to learn which big stars started out with guest roles on your favorite soaps...

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