15 Things You've Definitely Experienced If You Grew Up In The 1960s

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The don't call the decade the swinging 60s for nothing. The 1960s saw major changes in our social dynamics, music, fashion, food, and technology.

If you grew up in that era, then you already know that the world is now a lot different than it used to be. So put on your rose-colored glasses and take a trip down memory lane to a time when kids still played outside and people collected vinyl records.

Here are 15 things you definitely experienced if you grew up in the 60s:

1. Your dream car was a VW Beetle


2. Twiggy was your style icon and you probably owned a "Twiggy Dress"


3. Jell-O salads were on every family dinner menu

4. You watched Neil Armstrong land on the moon


5.  You watched Disney's Swiss Family Robinson in theaters


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