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15 Toys and Games That Every 90s Girl Remembers

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Being a girl in the 90s meant playing with some of the best toys that Little Tikes and Mattel could put out.

With endless commercials playing on YTV you couldn't help but get excited and find new techniques to beg your parents for the next hottest gift.

Whether you loved being outside or getting creative indoors, or couldn't get enough dolls and stuffed toys, there was a memorable 90s toy for everyone.

Polly Pocket

Sure Polly and her friends aren't extinct after their premiere in the 90s but they just aren't the same. These compact playsets were a staple for every 90s girl! It seemed like our parents were always getting mad at us for leaving these little choking hazards around the house.

Doodle Bear

"Put it in the washing machine and it comes out nice and clean..."

The jingle still rings in my head more than 20 years later. Now that's great advertising of the 90s. We all loved to doodle on this fluffy friend and mom loved how easy he was to clean!

Who remembers the commercial?

Puppy Surprise

We all loved surprises in the 90s! There is an entire generation of kids that believed babies came out of Velcro stomachs into their teens. How many puppies did you get in your Puppy Surprise?

My Little Pony

What 90s girl doesn't remember My Little Pony? Brushing the tangles out of your My Little Pony's tail was a past time we all fondly remember. What color was your My Little Pony doll?

The Babysitter's Club Mystery Game

After you finished reading all the books, it was only natural to want to play the game! Kristy, Mary Anne, Claudia, Stacey, Dawn, Jessi and Mallory are back and ready for another adventure.

Remember how we stored our secrets and one of the hottest dolls of the 90s on the next page.

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