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These Were One Of The Hottest Stuffed Animal Toys On The Markets In The 90s - Did You Have One?

Girls' toys in the 90s were seriously fixated on birth, babies and bodily functions.

There was the pregnant barbie, which was super creepy, now that I think about it. I mean, you take off her stomach and a little plastic baby is awkwardly positioned inside her torso...

There was baby alive, who 'ate' food from a spoon and 'drank' milk from a bottle, then wet her diaper.  Don't even get me started on Baby Wee Wee  - he does exactly what you think he does.

You'd think that stuffed animals would be immune to all this obsession with 'realistic' dolls. That is where you would be wrong.

Every little kid in the '90s either had a Puppy Surprise, wanted one, or knew someone who had one.

The idea actually was pretty good: A mother dog comes with an unknown number of puppies in her belly. The underside of the mom is shut with velcro and the babies have to be removed one by one.

The pups were such a big hit that the Kitty Surprise came out soon after:

... and then Pony Surprise, because, why not?

If you didn't get the number of babies that you hoped for, you could always buy an extra 'surprise' puppy, kitty or pony.

Do you remember these toys?

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