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35 Ridiculously Wrinkly Dogs Whose Squishy Little Faces Will Make Your Heart Fill With Joy

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As humans, we're not exactly fans of our own rolls and wrinkles, but when it comes to our furry friends; the more wrinkles, the better!

When it comes to breeding pups for companionship, wrinkle-lovers have their pick of the litter from Shar Pei to Pug - the more rolls the better!

When it comes to adorable, deliciously wrinkled puppers, the internet is a goldmine of precious pictures. If you love wrinkly dogs, you'll love this list - find your favorite below:

Big Beastie and Little Beastie Wrinkles

Picture Perfect Wrinkle

Couch Wrinkle

Posing Wrinkle

Wee Little Wrinkle

Snoozy Wrinkle

Laughing Wrinkle

Squishy Face Wrinkle

Springtime Wrinkle

Worried Wrinkle

Mustache Wrinkle

Trailer Wrinkles

Cuddle Puddle Wrinkles

Wrinkle Blep

Alert Wrinkle

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