35 Ridiculously Wrinkly Dogs Whose Squishy Little Faces Will Make Your Heart Fill With Joy

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35 Ridiculously Wrinkly Dogs Whose Squishy Little Faces Will Make Your Heart Fill With Joy

As humans, we're not exactly fans of our own rolls and wrinkles, but when it comes to our furry friends; the more wrinkles, the better!

When it comes to breeding pups for companionship, wrinkle-lovers have their pick of the litter from Shar Pei to Pug - the more rolls the better!

When it comes to adorable, deliciously wrinkled puppers, the internet is a goldmine of precious pictures. If you love wrinkly dogs, you'll love this list - find your favorite below:

Big Beastie and Little Beastie Wrinkles

Picture Perfect Wrinkle

Couch Wrinkle

Posing Wrinkle

Wee Little Wrinkle

Snoozy Wrinkle

Laughing Wrinkle

Squishy Face Wrinkle

Springtime Wrinkle

Worried Wrinkle

Mustache Wrinkle

Trailer Wrinkles

Cuddle Puddle Wrinkles

Wrinkle Blep

Alert Wrinkle

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Is there anything sweeter than a wrinkly, crinkly smile on a furry face? We think not!

Extra rolls means extra loving when it comes to these cuddly buddies. Dressed up with dapper bow ties or in a beautiful babushka, these wrinkly puppies are extra charming.

Careful, you might want to reach through your screen and cuddle every one of them!

Bow Tie Wrinkle

Big, Little Wrinkle

Babushka Wrinkle

"I, A Big Wrinkle, Made All Of These Little Wrinkles."

Am  I Good Wrinkle?

Hello Wrinkle!

Sleepy Wrinkle

Backseat Driver Winkle

Wrinkle Babies

Professor Wrinkles

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Some of the most sought-after (and expensive) wrinkly dogs include breeds like the Shar Pei, Bulldogs, Bloodhounds and Mastiffs.

Many people see these wrinkles as signs of tenderness and beauty. The wrinklier the dog, the cuddlier and more lovable it looks! Wouldn't it be nice if we thought that about humans too?

Did You Know? Wrinkles don't occur in all breeds, but the ones that do have them are genetically predisposed to produce a large amount of hyaluronic acid. This causes them to have heavier, meatier skin.

Close-Up Wrinkle

Mini Wrinkle

Giraffe Wrinkle

Carpool Wrinkle

Sunbathing Wrinkle

Blue-Eyed Boy Wrinkle

Butterfly Wrinkle

Get My Good Side Wrinkle

Surfing Wrinkle

Birthday Wrinkle

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