16 Parents Who Had A Rough Go Packing Lunch This Morning

Parents who pack their kid's lunch are the true heroes. That's a lot of extra effort and planning just to ensure a healthy, yummy lunch.

It can be a thankless job, but it's definitely better than buying lunch in the school cafeteria.

But sometimes you're just not in the mood to put together a well-balanced meal. Whether you're tired, sick, hungover (it's okay to admit it) or just plain over it, some days the lunches are a little less...organized than others.

These parents are all aware of that struggle.

1. A lot of things are going on here...none of them are a proper lunch.

2. I mean, I'd love this lunch. Maybe not the potato, but I'll take the frosting.

3. What does Mandy need the spoon for, though? Unless this is just a lesson in following directions.

4. Seems innocent enough...until you spot the flask.

5. Honestly, the kid will probably love this.

6. The 4 food groups: popcorn, hot Cheetos, Cheerios, and energy shots

7. Take the money and run, kid.

8. Who has ever felt this was an adequate lunch?

9. Is that a Capri Sun I see?

10. Fancy Feast for a fancy lunch.

11. A good, low-carb diet.

12. Not even a modicum of effort.

13. A for effort, F for getting rid of most of that sandwich.

14. Pretzel chips are fragile enough, no need to but them in a papertowel.

15. Don't tell me you only cut one piece of avocado.

16. "Both are orange...maybe he won't notice." He will.

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